Author’s note: Just a reminder that songs often resemble poetry. This is one of the first songs I wrote that was worth repeating. A.S.
Joblessness brings loneliness and creates a space of time,
And minutes turn to hours in the framework of my mind.
Boredom overtakes me as I look for things to do,
Trying to stay busy to avoid the thought of you.
I find some letters boxed up, in a messy closet shelve.
Letters linking youth to age and lovers to myself.
Letters ranging hundreds, dating back to early teens,
Letters that bring back those crazy childhood scenes.
Chorus: Letters that helped me get through college.
And letters from girls of loves gone bad.
Letters that made me miss the times we used to share,
And letters of the times we never had.
Letters from a girl I thought always was too young,
She’s grown up now and beautiful and happy on her own.
Letters when I stayed down south from a girl that I had loved,
Her innocence is reflected in the pages that she wrote.
Chorus: And letters from my big sis in college,
Her boyfriend he always sent them too.
Their letters always gave me the strength to carry on,
And the strength to find my way without you.
Cards and letters from the times I took some nasty spills,
You’ll never know the way the words from friends could help me heal.
Letters from a girl I’d met just once so long ago,
our letters cross the country but our paths will never know.
Chorus: And letters from the girl I thought I’d marry,
The plans we made a long time ago.
The schemes and dreams to meet at night and hold each other tight,
And if we could we’d never let go…
We thought back then we’d never let go…
As always we finally let go… 
© 1985 Andrew Spradling

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