Throw Us A Bone, Not Throwbacks

HERE’S a pet peeve about the NFL. It’s easy to have complaints right now. Mine is relatively small. The astronomical amounts of money being kicked around each week is constantly being rubbed in our face. Lord, Adrian Peterson had been paid $7.6 million to sit out this season up until two days ago. I personally believe his case is unwarranted overreaction to the Ray Rice fiasco, but these are entirely different issues. The multi-billion-dollar television contract is what makes all of these staggering numbers possible, and don’t think that we consumers don’t pay for it, every time we buy a car, every time we pay our insurance, every time we go to the supermarket or 7-11. You think there’s not a trickle-down effect on the Super Bowl commercials we laugh about? Guess again. I touch upon this topic in my upcoming book, The Long Shadow Of Hope (speaking of commercials).

No, what’s getting under my skin is the throwback uniforms. More importantly, the disregard for the cost of them. Who really cares to see their favorite team in those God-awful throwbacks? Nobody, I’m sure. Few at best. It might have been nice and nostalgic once a few years ago… ONCE. I was reminded of it again by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. And the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t wear throwbacks. In that scenario it seems even more ridiculous. Again this expense – outfitting an entire football team – is a drop in the bucket of their budget. I know that. Here’s an idea. Next time throwback Sunday comes around, put out a press release saying “We’re not doing it. Just imagine the vertical stripes this time around. We are instead donating that $25,000 dollars to our local homeless shelter or food kitchen, or for families in need, or for cancer research.”

I know the NFL gives. We pay them to do it. It looks good, and they need the image enhancement. And if you have to have throwbacks, go back to the tear-away jerseys. There’s no greater image than Earl Campbell’s jersey being ripped away by helpless defenders as he bulls his way for more yards. Of course then, somebody would have to run the ball…


2 thoughts on “Throw Us A Bone, Not Throwbacks

  1. I just found this blog last week via a face book post. I look forward to the writing style and I agree that Throwbacks are horrible and expensive. Let’s help some needy or better yet lets help the damaged players from the past.

    Keep typing Andy


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