Eddie’s Song

Author’s note: Another song, this one in honor of yesterday and the event at New York’s Central Park. A.S.


In this life it’s easy for a friend to slip away,

Even though it’s a crying shame.

A card, a letter, man, just a simple phone call,

Always means so much to me.


And if you fall my friend, well I’ll be right there and I’ll try to catch you.

No matter where I am right now.

And if it’s family Lord, and you’re in trouble,

I’ll be right by your side.


Eddie was a good man through and through,

A kinder man was hard to find.

He left his hometown for a city, oh so far away,

Another artist gets his way.


His parents, sisters, brother, they all really missed him badly.

And they longed for his returns.

And his visits home were always a great occasion,

They really loved him so.


Well many years went by, and his life went on,

But true happiness was never found.

And like so many, his health struck him down…

The cure was never found.




To die alone in some dingy semi-private,

On the bad side of town.

His mother and a niece were the only ones to come and bid farewell.


The family that he knew, they coward from the germs that killed him,

Though they knew they were immune.

Maybe they were just too busy, maybe they were just too dizzy,

Anyway, they did not come.


I don’t think the tears they shed were really painted,

And I think that their sorrow was true,

But were they shameless Lord, or simply simple,

Or is fashion a clue.


If you’re out there Lord, if you really hear.

Would you lend an ear to this one prayer…

If it takes me months to die, tell my loved ones please don’t cry,

Be brave and come and say good-bye before I die…


© 1989 Andrew Spradling


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