Thank You For The Memory

Author’s Note: This little song has a beat as fast as fence posts on the highway viewed from a speeding truck, but it slows for the last two verses. Written when I was just twenty-one or so, it has no illusions or metaphors, just sledge-hammer-like honesty. A.S.

WELL days have passed, they seem like years,

But the time has come for us to be together.

Though the obstacles grow greater,

the hurdles higher, I will find a way my love.


And they say that it’s not wise,

To quit my job and head to Carolina.

My strength grows from my love for you,

And it spurs my courage higher than the mountain top.


Well lately I have felt the things:

the heart, the mind, the soul that makes me want you so.

And in my dreams I see you,

Hold me, love me, need me darling to the end.


And the time has come to say good-bye,

To all the things I love in West Virginia…

It’s almost heaven where I stand,

But paradise awaits me darling at your home.


Well misty-eyed am I to leave,

But understand that home is where the heart is.

And though my time is occupied,

My heart longs for the closeness only we have shared.


Well days have passed so quickly now,

And the space between us grows more every day.

And soon I’ll be a memory,

a distant, far off symbol of summer love.


Well the times we had were special,

But a year has passed and we are growing older.

And I thank you for the memory,

And I’m sorry girl if I hurt you in any way…



©1985 Andrew Spradling


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