Tis The Season

USS Lakewood

Blogging was paused a few weeks ago by an idea – not mine, my lovely, thoughtful wife’s and the leaders of our Lakewood Elementary School, which is anchored in excellence — to create a ship, the U.S.S. Lakewood, the idea behind it, to sink the ship with packages and presents for families in need this holiday season. With its meaning in mind and music drifting through the cold air I joyfully sawed, hammered, and painted, hoping that the project’s flaws and unsmooth edges would be overlooked.

As usual, our Lakewood community – and our friends, relatives and even some businesses — responded generously and whole-heartedly. So much so that Lakewood was able to provide not only for its own in need, but families in at least three other elementary schools, including Bridgeview, in Spring Hill. It so touches my heart when the goodness in others is visible. And my eyes fill when I imagine a child opening a gift. When I think of giving, I’m reminded of the widow’s offering, that in her pennies she had given everything she had, and it was recognized by Jesus.

Peace and Love this Christmas season.

Andrew Spradling

© 2014


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