PART MY PREVIOUS LIFE as a sportswriter included the coverage of five consecutive bowl games, all but one played just after Christmas. I was always expected to arrive five days before kickoff, along with the team, for in-depth coverage. This song emerged from that scenario. Hope your holidays are going well. A.S.

WELL I found myself so far from home on another Christmas day,

I don’t blame you girl for wishing that my job would go away.

But I cannot change the present and the past is here to stay,

And the Crown I drink to soothe my mind is adding to a fray.

They say absence makes us fonder, but a week can turn the tide,

When a grudge is growing faster than the plane I finally ride.

And ice can’t melt away without some warmth on either side,

So come closer to me darling let me show what’s on my mind.


Let’s get cozy, turn down the lights.

Lay your head upon my shoulder, cause I want to make it right.

Let’s get cozy, there’s no need to fight.

We can grow old together if we make it through this night.

Well the right words they come difficult when the pressure’s really on,

And the wrong words are a river cutting deep and wide and strong.

While bitter, angry words will often damage, hurt or scar,

The rendezvous I have in mind is sure to make you smile.


So let’s get cozy, get the music right.

Let me stoke the fire up baby, cause I want it hot tonight.

Let’s get cozy, it’s you and me tonight,

Let love earn the victory, and pleasure rule the night.


Well you’ve got to know my love is not a passing thing,

And circumstance it sometimes rules the world.

I’ll never be away unless I truly have to be,

And coming home should always be a thrill…


So let’s get cozy, where’s those bedroom eyes?

If it’s wrong to want you baby, then I don’t want to be alive.

Let’s get cozy, I’ll tuck you in just fine.

Let’s make some time up baby ’fore the sun invades the night.

Let’s make some time up baby ’fore the sun invades the night.

©1999  Andrew Spradling


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