Author’s note: A little whimsy, completed, so I’ll avoid the holiday rush and move on to something else. Happy New Year! A.S. 

IS TOMORROW JUST another day, or

spring-loaded in a Swiss-watch way,

to shoot us through the bitter year,

dog days of summer, rain, clear,

into another autumn fall,

death in winter

I’ll recall,





the sun

will shine

again I bet

and I again

will laugh aloud

ride a bike, hike in clouds

write a song ears won’t hear

write a book that touches dear

The most primal revelations – fear.

Swim in waves of cold rejections, in left-handed presentation

“love the story not the writing,” “the writing’s good the story’s lacking.”

My pessimism isn’t real — I say — but I’m far too deep to grant appeal

I’m blessed beyond the average man so I’ll keep on slinging ink my friend.

© 2014


6 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S DAY

    1. I commented from my phone a few minutes ago so I don’t know if it actually came through… What I said was, Sunday Meeting is REALLY good, this is just me wearing my frustrations on my sleeve. I appreciate it though.


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