A Simile Like A Smile

Author’s note: Warm weather on a Saturday in mid-January made everyone a little crazy, and the lake brought new meaning to losing your ball or having it just out of reach. Click on the picture to see the full scope. A.S.

2015-01-17 Frozen Lie

THE month was as warm as April,

The mood was as light as air.

The men were as giddy as school kids,

For a coat was not seen anywhere.


The start was slow as molasses

The starter was stern as a whip.

The sting would be like a spanking,

if a mulligan he would let slip.


The friendships were old as the pine trees,

Familiar as well-worn gloves.

The tees would snap like twigs,

Cause the ground was ice with a rug.


The greens were as hard as cart paths,

The grass was as brown as the mud,

My game was like a beginner’s,

But the warmth of the sun made it fun.


© 2014


One thought on “A Simile Like A Smile

  1. That would normally be my plan too. Luckily I got across. Guys that could really play had to rethink their game. Until it got really warm for awhile, a lofted shot would bounce off the green like it was a cart path. Lol but nobody cared, they were so happy to be in warm sunshine.


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