REACHING for something I know I let go,

I read non-subtle signs that tell me just so.

Blaming the calendar is a waste of good breath,

Struggling on mountains may be all I have left.


It’s been only days, and it’s been many years,

It came with our union, and it didn’t cause fear.

Despite danger awaiting, beyond every curve,

Holes in the road, that cause you to swerve.


It gave me hope, I could be young again,

It came with finality, I will not pretend.

It made wounds from the past, seem to vanish and fade,

But the Lord knows just when, to call a spade a spade.


 My ignorance is exceeded, by only my shame,

My lack of real effort, where I put all the blame.

If I am given another, chance to make good,

I’ll take care of my business, and do what I should.




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