Aftermath Stew

Author’s note: The Lost Lantern, my second novel, will be available SOON on, through kindle direct publishing. The first, The Long Shadow Of Hope, under contract, just waiting, and waiting, and waiting. This is what I’ve been feeling the last 48 hours. Thanks for reading! A.S.


TYING loose ends before its launch,

A slippery, dangerous game.

Mind going twelve ways all at once,

Emotions at least half the same.

Pull hard, play dirty, suffer with worry,

Seems to be what they say.

Suffocate, palpitate,

Acid here to stay.

Tighten the noose, wind the clock,

Cause sand is slipping through.

Quit weighing the middle, beginning, and end,

Get this far behind you.

It was supposed to be fun, a journey to,

The pages of my mind.

If the content could touch this aftermath stew,

The reviews would read just fine.

© 2016


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