Eternal Gap

K n A cp Sept 82 

WHAT would this day bring,

From me to you.

More than a card, a gift,

and a long phone call.

Laughter, while comparing kid notes, our families,

our friends, and our lives.

You had but a couple of days with my oldest,

I promise you’d get a kick out of all three…

And they even more from you.

Big news from the west coast for you,

And from your Razorback.

We would have hooked up last weekend,

Or maybe next.

Drinks, dinner, friends, and neighbors.

Four short hours is sorely missed.

That’s nothing compared to this eternal gap,

Bridged with faith, love, and my undying adoration.

What would have developed differently?

What would have stayed the same?

Stability, just stable, could be your middle name.

You would exercise your sisterly right to call me out,

Each and every time it was necessary.

And that was more often than not.

With your usual candor.

I miss that too.

What music, what book, what movie?

What ride, what run, what story?

How would you handle

Being an empty-nester?

With grace and fun,

Downtown or homespun.

That which you’ve missed is what pains me,

and it’s a healthy list.

So happy 55,

My lovely Big Sis,

If there’s not a party in your honor,

Heaven would be remiss.


© 2016