A Momentous Upgrade

Upgrade at Chicks

This was her first real concert and thus special already

But she’s a fledgling fiddle player

In need of a boost

And the Dixie Chicks blow it out like few others

Instrumentalists beyond compare

A quick promotion announced for those who settled in early

Not hovering in the hot gravel – tailgating

Three phones texting and mine got the nod,

Thus she and Momma to the second row moved,

Picture taken and displayed for a half minute


The mega-talented Martie Maguire on her side of the stage most of the night

Making eye contact over and over with the 10-year-old

with the long, blond rope of a pony tail.

Was Martie looking back in time?

Reminded of her younger self?

Did she think about the way she practiced at that age,

before becoming a national champion on the fiddle?

Who inspired her, and sister Emily Strayer, to be who they are?

Was it a Texas concert “Long Time Gone?”

Perhaps with a momentous upgrade?

Twelve thousand roared their approval.

And that was not lost on our 10-year-old chick.


© 2016

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4 thoughts on “A Momentous Upgrade

  1. Thanks guys. It was very cool. I just hope she takes the inspiration and runs with it. For me that would be like having a front row seat for the ’72 Lakers. Or getting to meet Jim Croce. The early returns say “not so much.” My fingers would be bleeding…


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