I do it against my good judgement,

The argument is truly not there.

I do it though I’m ready this a.m.,

For one in the cool morning air.

I do it though exponentially,

The dangers undoubtedly rise.

There’ll be drunks and thieves in a hurry,

That can quickly lead to demise.

I do it though I’ll likely be weary,

There’s work round here to be done,

And despite yesterday’s travels,

I’m as fresh as a fawn in the sun.

I do it not knowing my schedule,

In theory it’s a day that is mine.

I do it because I respect you,

And I cherish the time by your side.

I do it because it’s enlightening,

Though there’s sweat and pain on the climbs,

Cause the conversations that follow,

Inspire that guy in my mind.

The four letters that make up the title,

Sent without regret.

Had behind it a world of decision,

But these words it spawned to reflect.

© 2016


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