Body And Soul

Remembering that our days are numbered,

That we are but souls in vessels.

That we are failed and flawed,

That we are meager and weak,

That we must fight back to be fit,

That nothing comes easy,

That perfection is abnormal.

Remembering that each day’s a blessing,

That laughter heals,

That giving beats taking,

That words can inspire,

That we must strive for greatness,

That pleasure comes simply,

That love is essential.

Closing the curtain on a life cut short,

A life of recreation and activity,

A life of kindness and giving,

A life of beauty and brilliance,

A life of marriage and motherhood,

A life of loving and being loved,

A life of serving and believing.

Remembering that life is a flight,

To be embraced and well-spent.




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