No place to hide when it comes with such force,

It cowers the senses to an unreliable source,

The windows leak it despite your attempts,

The doors wear blankets like boots for defense,

The faucet you drip so the pipes don’t freeze,

Snow on the roof ain’t as bad as it seems.


It brittles the bones, and tightens the joints,

It thickens the head, and crookeds the points,

It makes you put on ridiculous bonnets,

It makes you forget your attempts at sonnets,

Eating becomes a comforting pleasure,

That’s good ’cause the spouse won’t share the covers.


It makes your home feel like a jail,

A short walk on Friday had icy details,

You dream of the beach or a ride in the heat,

Even grass-cuttin’ sounds like an island retreat,

You rank your furnace with family and Lord,

It makes you pray, be well, you and yourn.


We had family game night with four out of five,

“Life” said nothing ’bout the frigid survive,

The fire and the Warriors kept Claire and I up,

They lost to the Grizzlies – embarrassing stuff,

The passing that gave them a huge early lead,

Departed at crunch time when baskets they most need.


Ol’ Don Williams with coffee is a good morning treat,

Even my coldblooded-darlin’ seeks socks for her feet,

When she comes down to share the dreams that she dreamt,

“We apparently were wealthy, she said, no contempt.

“We are wealthy,” I say, to my gorgeous, young honey.

“I know,” she agreed, “But I mean… with money.”




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