What I’ll Be For You

Author’s note: Changed a few words in the fifth stanza because I didn’t properly convey my meaning. I am blessed with the most wonderful wife and children. Thanks for reading, A.S.

The beauty of a Sunday stroll,

Not through meadows, not by knolls,

But through the preface of our souls,

Combined, as we raise our young.


The day invited outdoor fun,

March kicked off with the warmest sun,

But viewing memories would all but trump,

Invitations just begun.


Forgotten phrasing, remembered touches,

Darling eyelids that can’t stay open,

Rolling balls and baby dolls,

And voices that can’t return.


Halloweens and carving pumpkins,

Juxtaposed by scary somethings,

Laughter that can save this bumpkin,

From heartache yet to come.


Tiny toes imprint the sand,

A picture Momma sees and plans,

Dolphin fins and ceiling fans,

When napping comes so easy.


The interaction between the other,

As they begin to discover,

What’s a sister, what’s a brother,

And what I’ll be for you.


© 2017


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