Thanks for Graciously Giving

Happy Thanksgiving! 2020 has been a year nobody will forget, a year with many trials, tribulations and tests of the human spirit. Because of all the uncertainty, it humbles and amazes me even more that so many of you were able and willing to help me in my cause of raising money for kids’ cancer research through the Great Cycle Challenge. In all, $14,830,926 was raised nationwide for the cause, which took place in September (moved from June). My statistics are below my list of incredible donors, which I grouped so I could put in paragraph form. There are proud St. Albans Red Dragons that I put in other categories, some twice mentioned, and I’m hoping I didn’t overlook anyone. My most heartfelt, sincere thanks to ALL willing to contribute to this important cause! I am truly blessed with incredible friends, family, and neighbors! God Bless!  

Heroes who donated and have sadly departed since September: Pat Paxton and Uncle Al Taylor, both SAHS graduates, ’78 and ’66, respectively.

My friends and spouses of my Fallen Inspirations: Carrie (Cherry) Knapp & Hollis Claypool.

Family: Ruth & Alan Spradling, Lisa (Parsons) & Bruce Lawson, Cheryl (Barnes) & Bobby McClain, Kelli (Gillispie) and Eric Smith, Aaron Johnson, David & Robin Young, and at home: Myssy, Evan, Audrey & Claire Spradling.

Lakewood Pool Family: Michael & Rachel Ervin of Coal River Coffee Company, Coach Rex & Diana Thaxton, Robin & Guy Turturice.

Shelton College Review Writers Group (and guitar, riding partner): Larry and Jenny (Andrews) Ellis.

SA Hall of Fame and Library Board Committees: Dr. Randy and Randi Robinson, Mike Eakle, Dale Withrow.

Gateway Christian Church Family: Jennifer Hall, Bette Hilbert.

Epic Athletes: Bill Posey, Steve Vorholt.

Treasured UC Golden Eagles friends: John Carroll, Sandy Manou Rohr.

Gracious ladies and givers: Janie Kerrigan, Kemmeth Rivers Walker, Beth (Ethan) Clay.

Always Supportive Riverbend Neighbors: Art & Loraine Postelwaite, Leanne & Matt Holley, Barbara & Rodney Holley, Pam Billups, Bertha & T.H. Bellamy, Bud Newbrough, Tara & Craig Lane, Jim Carpenter, David & Robin Young.

SAHS Classmates and friends of my sister Kelly (’79) AND MINE: Tina Slavin Tape, Terri (Johnkoski) & Mark Phipps, Joe Armstrong, Derek & Anita Watson, Dana & Lisa Miller, Jimmy Gilmore, Dave DeCarlo, Susan (Keene) Bowling, Carrie McGrath McCormick.

Red Dragons (and SA teachers) before and after me: Doctor John Burdette, Lynn McGraw, Amy Duncan, Kim & Jason Rogers, Emma Hindman.

Parents of Classmates and Teammates: Susie Shope, Pam Billups, Richard Vincent.

Friends and fellow Red Dragons while I was in the building: Carin Miles, Jane Weiford Sneed, Karen Fulmer Cebular, Whitney & Scott Vincent.

Mighty St. Albans High Class of 1982 – Barry & Beth Thaxton, Ray & MaryBeth Epperly,Tim (Andy & Bruce) Moss, Eric & Becky Minsker, Pat & Lu Ann Austin, Stephanie “Robin” Shoemaker, Cindy Shope-Strock, Kelli (Hill) & John Kukura, Carla (Slack) VanWyck, Lisa (Sayre) Mollohan, Erica (Wilder) & John Boggess, Kelli & Eric Smith, Jennifer (Hawkins) & Daryl Smith, Diana (Lilly) & Mike Kitts.

3 anonymous donors.

Final Statistics

Total raised: $5,319.76, 1st in West Virginia (second year running), 102nd in United States. Goal was $3,000. Matched on match day: $308.74. Miles ridden: 777.7. Goal was 750. Rides in September: 27. Longest: 38.5. Shortest 20. Rides on flat-assed Hilton Head Island: 10. Rides over 30 miles: 12. Hours in the saddle: 57. Two-year GCC totals: 1,404 miles ridden, $8,330.39 raised.