A Detective Harper Stowe Shout Out

It had been my past practice to post groups of reviews of my novels as they came in – usually in increments of five or ten – as a way to continue to promote and market. As a writer yet to gain a national following, I admit that each review still brings a feeling of warmth and childlike giddiness. It’s still exciting to know someone is out there giving one of my books a read, and it’s satisfying to know that they felt the time they spent was well-worth it.

My “feel” for review quantity based on sales? An author is lucky to get one per ten readers, an extremely low ratio. But there are factors that contribute to making it tough for reviewers, mainly Amazon roadblocks for readers who purchase locally – the non-verified purchase.

I will share one review, which fell into that category, from the father of a friend I’ve known for over 50 years. We literally carpooled to an independent, stand-alone kindergarten together, before our schools provided that kick-start grade. He also took the time to write this review during the strain of the holidays. For that I will always be appreciative:

It has been my privilege to watch this young author grow and mature as an extraordinary story teller.  I have followed his writings from his time honing skills as a newspaper journalist to the consummate author that he has now become.  Each of the author’s books have exceeded the art and strengths of the previous.  His most recent publication “Diagram of Death” is exceptional artistry. The depth of his research allows the reader to be immersed in the inner workings of the bad guy’s brain, as well as the sights, sounds and other actions taking place elsewhere. His ability to place the reader on both sides of the action allows them to follow the thoughts and plans of the “bad guy” as well as the ones seeking justice and security for those being subjected to the terrors surfacing in their previously safe and secure neighborhood thereby keeping the reader deeply involved at all times. I look forward to the author’s next publication.

  • Bruce Moss, Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Associate

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As always, thank you for reading. A.S.

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