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All is well at Lookout Mountain State University. Its football program is breaking into the Top 10 for the first time in school history, and the trimmings that surround that honor add up to high times for everybody involved. That is, until Compliance Director Dwayne Price discovers that multi-millionaire booster Chap Roberts is paying cash to academic non-qualifiers – mostly blue chippers turned away by major universities – to live on campus while earning their eligibility. Price, as he begins to date enticing colleague Amber Duffy, digs deeper and finds more going on than he would have ever imagined, including extortion. When Roberts, who is Coach Sam Rosemont’s best friend, and his henchman Jim Wheatley learn of Price’s investigation, things come unraveled at LMSU. What follows is a riveting story you won’t want to put down.

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Lost soul John Gates returns to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after six years and rejoins his three lifelong friends, all transplants from West Virginia, and all of whom worked the Murrells Inlet restaurants in the summers of their college years. Gates plans to finish his degree, play the guitar, and put his past life of decadence and womanizing, for which he has a guilty secret, behind him. Gates seeks out former co-worker and friend, William McMillian, a well-respected husband and father of three. He learns from William, a black man, that he is about to follow his dream of becoming a restaurant owner in legendary and historically white Murrells Inlet. Gates vows to help William in any way he can.

What neither friend knows is the racist Rivers family — three brothers and their mother — who together own a four-restaurant empire, have devised an extortion plot to steal William’s life savings and put him out of business before he opens. As Gates rekindles a love affair with another former colleague, Katie Montgomery, a beautiful personal trainer, the Rivers’ plan becomes deadly. At stake in this two-generational saga is much more than the breaking down of racial barriers and stereotypes as greed and inhumanity clash with the frailty of life and the indomitable human spirit.

Riveting and masterfully woven with numerous subplots and colorful characters, The Lost Lantern places Andrew Spradling shoulder-to-shoulder with America’s foremost authors.


When a sexual serial-killer chooses one of Hilton Head Island’s most prominent communities to create a symbolic message to his former employer – the United States Navy – it’s the brilliant and beautiful Detective Harper Stowe who must go undercover to entice the murderer into selecting her as his next victim. What follows is an intriguing game of cat and mouse that has law enforcement and city government pushed to its limits as the body count rises.

With first-person insights from the killer, Diagram of Death A Detective Harper Stowe Mystery is a unique, quick-hitting thriller that will keep the pages turning. The third novel penned by author Andrew Spradling, following The Long Shadow of Hope (2016) and The Lost Lantern   (2017), Diagram of Death  A Detective Harper Stowe Mystery is now available in paperback and electronically on at:

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