Wonderment (continued)

AAU 79 crpd

Author’s note: Because this had tones of a romantic walk, I had to go on with it. My roommate freshman year of college was one of my greatest friends. Though we came from different towns, we’d been friends since we were twelve, a rarity among foes at the time. That was due to our participation on AAU teams, and our coaches who had the wisdom to bring us together. Link to You Gotta Believe on home page.  Thanks for reading, A.S.


REMINDED of a white surprise so long ago,

Inches and inches of insulation — and isolation.

So beautiful, so unexpected, so tranquil, we just had to be a part,

Before it was invaded.

In the earliest winter light, a whole city in sight,

And yet, just quiet. So noticeably quiet.

Soft crunch underfoot, breathing, no wind,

A little laughter of appreciation.


Capitol dome, the Kanawha, the future, my fall,

Equally inactive — and uninvolved.

As if the whole world stopped – unresolved.

So many mysteries yet unsolved.

We’d fought battles as foes.

We’d fought battles as friends.

We’d fought battles as teammates with victorious ends,

Though I’d miss the last one hundred twenty five.

I’d been to the funeral parlor for you,

You’d sat by my hospital bed,

Just before the first battle I missed.

This time the next year, I’d be gone.

Three times struck, no leg to stand on.

With nary a goodbye.

Soon to be

Out of control, lost, struggling, searching,

Wonder what it all meant.

© 2016


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