The landscape was planned with meticulous care,

For the pretty young woman and her rugged ol’ bear.

From the pool in the ground to the Tiki for drinks,

To the hot tub for warmth and occasional winks.

A space built purely with pleasure in mind,

From the pit for the fire, to the wide screen up high.

Plants placed just so, and statues as well,

Music, and torches, and plenty of ale.

A grill that would handle the crowds that would come,

The host fun-loving, the hostess quite numb.

A hammock for lounging and plenty of chairs,

For the silicone sun queen, who loved to get stares.

The wheels fell off as they so often do,

The lady too often shared more than her food.

Lapses in judgement piled up like cds,

The evidence there, of “do-as-you-please.”

There was pleading and hope and bending by one,

For the sake of the children and the future of fun.

But the garden grew over, and their love like the fence,

Fell in disrepair, too broken to fix.

Unable to hide the unthinkable truths,

Read the gospel of cheating, as written by Ruth.

Search the dusty barren for that which you must,

But look inward, cherish love, more than you lust.

© 2016

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