Anywhere, U.S.A.

Vorpe Road barn

Author’s note: As told by a friend of a friend to a friend… remembering what a great country we live in. Thanks for reading, A.S.

Times were such for the man and woman that living paycheck to paycheck was becoming an exercise in creativity both in the kitchen and with the checkbook. With payday still three days away he inventoried his cabinets then took his last few dollars in the world and a pocketful of quarters to the market. He came back home and with much love for his family prepared a dozen and a half delicious and filling meatballs with sauce. After the meal that evening, which subtracted only six, a call came from a family friend looking to do a charitable deed for her own immediate family, whose mother was in the hospital. She turned to the man and woman because in the past they had supplied her with restaurant-quality food for her family vacations, for which she paid. The man said that there wasn’t time for that but he’d just made a lovely batch of meatballs and sauce he could part with if that would be satisfactory. He boxed them up in throwaway containers to await the woman’s arrival the next morning. She showed with much cheer and appreciation and in exchange for the meals brought a bag of homemade chocolates. They said their good-byes. The man took his youngest, picked up her classmate, their daily routine, and drove them to school. On his way home he thought, this was certainly not the first time his wife and he had given away their last meal, or their last hundred dollars, to someone in need. She especially was so thoughtful, so giving. Once again home, he went to the kitchen and stared in the cabinets. There was something in the freezer. All would be well. They were so blessed.


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