Questions Still Yet To Ponder

From Woodpile at Dusk.JPG

My two little brothers, from a fraternity sense,

A lifetime gone from the daily pretense,

Of growing, posturing, searching, competing,

Of thinking, choosing, studying, completing,

Both giving more than they could possibly take,

Both leaving borders for not-too-far-states,

Yet somehow their stories were always nearby,

Small-town existence leaves a well of close ties,

After thirty-five years, in a space of two months,

Tragedy brings them to the mind’s forefront,

One lost his wife, the other, his daughter,

The worst two fears of a husband or father,

Each with a healthy respect for our Lord,

The healing a bill they both can afford,

That doesn’t soften the pain of departure,

Or answer the questions, still yet to ponder.

copyright 2017

Picture – From The Woodpile At Dusk, 2-15-17 by Andrew Spradling


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